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While the Frame Rails are set aside to fully cure (at least 24 hours), I start cutting out the parts
for the various Cross-Members...and I start by cutting out the many inside holes.
There is less chance of tearing, or damaging a part, while it is still in the sheet.

Each Cross-Member has more than one part, so I cut out everything first.
I also edge colour at this time, the individual components.
In this case, I got some new Art assortment of greens...with brush tips.
They have nice points to get in tight places, and the brush markers work better than chisels for general edge painting, I think.

Here are the main Frame Cross-Members that will connect the two Main Frame Rails.
Line them up to their marked positions (as per the Frame Rail marks, and the Instruction diagram) and glue in place.

Frame Rails appear to have cured properly, with minimal twisting.
I don't think theres any way to stop the twisting and warping, especially along the length of the Frame (front to rear).
But it won't matter too much once other parts get long as the frame is flat and not twisted horizontally.

After I got all the Cross-Members installed to the Frame Rails, I set the Frame aside with
some lightweight blocks across the rails, front and keep everything aligned.
Sorry, no photos of that part.
The goal is to keep the Frame straight and twists or wild warping.

While that is left to be, I started on the smaller Sub-Frame that supports the Engine and Transmission.
Similar construction, two square tube Rails and a couple of Cross-Members.
The Rails are much shorter, so much easier to maintain straightness.
The Cross-Members are a bit more complicated.

It takes patience to assemble the Sub-Frame Cross-Members...there are some fiddly parts.
But it all comes together in the end...and this Sub-Frame will be installed into the Main Frame.

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