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A little more work last night...

Front Axle all together...this is the fixed axle (no turn).
I have provided an Axle with the King Pin (swivel) section as a separate insert.
If you fit a pin (wooden dowel, toothpick?) you can make steerable wheel hubs.

The Brake Drum parts will glue to the backside of the Wheels.

Since it is the fixed Axle, I can go ahead and glue the Brake Drums to the Axle ends.

Until the Springs are assembled, the Axle is set aside.

Note...I just realized I assembled the Axle upside down. You can tell by the side artwork.
The highlighted and shadowed indent are upside down!
Since no-one else will ever see this, so I will proceed...but it was a silly mistake (as a result of rushing).

Preparing the Rear Axle parts...
prescoring and getting the Differential housing parts ready for some tricky shaping and gluing.

But first, a central axle tube is required.
There are two tubes to be rolled: the main outer green tube, and a longer plain white inside tube.
The inside tube extends at either end to fit into the rear Wheel brake drums.

Since rolling tubes can be tricky, the inner tube is deliberately sized the same as a common 1/4" wooden craft dowel.
So, instead of rolling that inside tube, I wrapped the green outer layer around a wooden dowel to create the main axle tube.

This is the trickiest part of the Differential Housing...
the central strip glues to the top of the Differential Housing
and the sides extend down either side to make the connections to the Axle tube.
The axle tube passes through the Differential Housing first and is centered.
The extended parts are wrapped around the axle tube and glued.
Since the tube is round, the holes need to be pre-shaped round (using a dowel).

Add the driveshaft inlet well as the lower casting vanes...
and the Rear Axle is done...awaiting the Rear Springs.

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