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Horse drawn Buggy

I have done a few design threads and I have been posting them into their niche areas. This time I believe that I will use the section it is suppose to belong in. The Stage coach was a challenge and I am well pleased as to how that came out but while it is in the finished state, there is more to add to it.

In this build I will construct the Physicians buggy. Again as in the stage coach, this is a beta build in progress and it is almost finished. There are a few innovations in this build and I used other items besides paper and a way to construct those leaf springs suspensions so that it could actually work and support the body, and turn.

1. The first pic is where I am at now. I Will have to reduce the wheels some, they are too big. I already have the jig made out for that.

2. I started out with the main compartment. There is an angle area in the back that I will have to trim off later. Did not notice until I started to place the seat.

3. If I were to place the seat as is, the center would have bowed in. To avoid this I placed a two formers under the seat section.

4. The front of the buggy I built up but each buggy design had its own design around the box. I built it up using heavy card/poster paper and cutting thin strips and cut built the raised surfaces.
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