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Cool Tzukit- Israeli Fouga- Yoav model

After building many Soviet jets lately, I decided to continue my addition to the Israeli air force jets designed by our friend Yoav. All his new models are in 1:30 scale.

This time I will build the Israeli version of the French Fouga Magister jet trainer from the 1950's called the Tzukit in the IAF service.

You may recall his builds :
I started a new project

and his building report:
Fouga magister - building report

you can download all the files for free here:
Index of /Yoav/Fouga Magister

( All of Yoav's models and Yaron's repaints are on the DGA web site ).

This is not my first build of this plane. I even recall as a youngster in kindergarten carving a balsa wood model of the Fouga Magister.

Also, I built many plastic models of this plane in various scales.

My previous version was a 1:50 scale repaint also available on the DGA site:
Index of /Yoav 1-50/Fauga Magister

here is my building log:
IAF Fouga / Tzukit 1/50 scale

and lastly, Josef built Yoav's model:
Fouga Magister, YOAV HOZMI, 1:33

So there is no excuse not to build this attractive little aircraft.

My gallery []
Recent buildsSu-15(1), La-150, Yak-23, B777, Crimson Skies, TB TV show vehicles, Hunter,
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