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Exclamation Fuselage

Here are the parts cut out and glue tabs attached.
Tzukit- Israeli Fouga- Yoav model-img_0045.jpg

Nothing complicated and a nice touch is that the seams for the fuselage section will be hidden mostly ( in the sides where the engine nacelles are ) and nose panels.

parts are rounded and formed
Tzukit- Israeli Fouga- Yoav model-img_0046.jpgTzukit- Israeli Fouga- Yoav model-img_0047.jpg

Glue the aft section ( minus the very end where the butterfly tail spars go ).
Tzukit- Israeli Fouga- Yoav model-img_0048.jpgTzukit- Israeli Fouga- Yoav model-img_0049.jpg

now start gluing the forward section ( note : I will add the clear nose tip lens later on and butt join them instead of slipping it from behind as Yoav did; just a preference on my part ).
Tzukit- Israeli Fouga- Yoav model-img_0050.jpg

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