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The buggy

Thanks guys. As mentioned earlier, This model is not as intricate as the stage coach. It just has certain areas that are hard to replicate in paper. This is a test subject, because many of the European carriages and earlier Victorian classics had that 5th wheel flimsy set up. The 5th wheel set-up if done in wood and metal, would have been easier, because I would have actually used metal for the leaf spring.

1. Here is the placement of the seat supports.

2. The seat is centered over the box. It extends over the sides. Noticed that the rear angle is trimmed to the from the edge of the seat to the end corner.

3. In this version the back rest is straight. On another build I will try to do a curve at the corners of the back rest.

4. The sides are laminated, curved and placed on the edges of the baxk rest.

5. 6. 7. 8. The jig for making the Leaf Springs Suspension system. Place a thin strip of heavy paper around the the jig. And cut straighten a piece of paper-clip or thin wire to give the suspension rigidity.

KEEP IN MIND THAT ALL PARTS ARE LAMINATED IN THIS BUILD unless indicated as in the brackets.
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