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Cool WHV Nord Noratlas


I decided to go thru my remaining old models from Wilhelmshavener ( WHV ) of which I have only two left. The Nord Noratlas and the SAAB Viggen. These are designs from the 1960's and 70's and do show their age ( especially the Nord ). Unfortunately, the models I purchased back in the late 1970's were stored and moved so many times, that the paper itself is warped/wrinkled from moisture and heat as well as age ( 40 some odd years or so ). I really did not intend to build those two any more since I already built them back then ( I purchased two of each ). However, the Nord will be repainted soon and I intend to build the model in 3 versions:

The plan:

1- Scan the model I have , print it on fresh card paper and build as is in 1:50 scale a test model for future mods.

2- Have a repainted version in Israeli Air Force blue and brown colors and build it in the original 1:50 scale.

3- Print the repainted Israeli version in 1:30 to match the rest of the Israeli Air Force collection I have built in paper. This one will have dropped flaps and separate control surfaces and improved landing gear. I may also need a cockpit done for it. Not sure how well the parts will scale up ( may need more transitional parts in the nose and tail for smoother curvatures ).

For now here is a picture of the old kit I purchased back then.
WHV Nord Noratlas-dscf8417.jpgWHV Nord Noratlas-img_8573.jpg

and some reference pics:

WHV Nord Noratlas-1209413.jpgWHV Nord Noratlas-3-view.jpg

This will be a lengthy process, but I will start shortly with the first one.

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