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weekend of models

Some of you will know that I "work" as a volunteer at a National Trust house.

This weekend They held a craft market, so I asked the organisers if paper modelling was a craft. They said yes, so I took a few box loads of models to the house. The craft market was held in the grounds of the house, but I convinced the organisers that open air exhibitions for paper models wasn't a good idea. Luckily, they agreed so I was given one of the indoor rooms. I ended up with about 5 tables (I know where they are kept!)

Over the weekend at least 1,000 visitors came round the house and my room became a bit of a bottle neck. The following pictures were taken after the house closed. Most of the models will be know to modellers. However one is unique in that it was made by our grandson who was about 7 when he made it and gave it to me as a present. It's an Arctic scene including seals and penguins. His parents brought him to the exhibition but didn't tell him his model would be there.

The last picture is a small table with a window seat that overlooks the garden
and was aimed at the kids ( the models - not the table!) One is Paper Pino's anti-gravity machine - I've never seen so many open mouths when the cone rolled uphill. The model at the front of the table may not be known to many, unless they come from the Czech Republic. This kit is in a recent edition of the ABC magazine. At first sight it looks like 3 birds sitting on trees. However the trunks are whistles and under the green bases are bellows. Pressing the bellows blows the whistles - each one being a different note. I am quite surprised that the bellows still work after being hit so many times!

The other items are a variety of bits taken from YouTube, including a prototype for the Christmas tree decorations that will appear around the house in December.

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