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Need to find out what it'll cost to get them fixed. Ratsie I took to the Humane Society down in the Phoenix area and I think it was $40 and that was 5 years ago. That why she has the cropped ear because I wasn't going to keep her. What I didn't know was that for 'ferals', they fix and vaccinate them, crop their ear so they can be id'ed and release them back were they came from. So a couple of days later she pops up on my patio, I find out their procedures and decided we were stuck with each other.
So since they don't have that up here and the 1 vet in town doesn't take new customers since he's getting about ready to retire, I'll have to take them down to were I took Purr Kat which is about an hour drive and expensive. Right now the long hair one will hop up in my lap, so he's first. Still have to work on the other a bit to get him/here were I can catch and get in a cage.
First have to get the car taken care of. Safety recall and need to take it to the dealer I got it at. Which is a half mile from were I used to live, but around 85 miles from were I am now. Plus its due for its regular service anyway.
I've always kept them in at night. That was the thing with China. He had breakfast, then went on his morning exploring and never came back. Still think it was one of the pack of unlicensed pit bull mixes that the rednecks down the street let run loose. Several of us complained to the County Sheriff and Animal Control enough that that problem has been pretty much eliminated: the dogs and a few of the rednecks.
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