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No answer. Well, it changes everything.
In the flight simulator comunity, the repainters are a searched commodity, because you can use the base model to cover a lot of airline companies and military liveries. So, you can make repaints freely OR you are asked to work with the owner of the original model, making a sinergy. Of four modelers, three of them where happy to work with me.
It seems that this is not the case in this comunity, and sorry if I offend some designer.
Anyway, it means that I don't need to make fully perfect sets of parts to end this plane, with detailed instructions about how to assemble them. Just that, as I understand the rules, I can't publish any sheet of parts, or wathever is called.
I intend of finish it, of course, I believe that as long as it is for my personal use I can do it?
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