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Cool Fuselage continued

Here is the entire aft fuselage minus the frames
Hawker Hunter F.5 WAK 1/33-img_0546.jpg

Frame is ready as one continuous unit. Notice that all protrusions are removed and some sections are sanded a bit so they do not snag inside.
Hawker Hunter F.5 WAK 1/33-img_0547.jpgHawker Hunter F.5 WAK 1/33-img_0548.jpg

Slide the frames in as one unit ( front to back ). Be careful not to force it in. Sand as needed to allow a smooth entry.

Nice fit! DO NOT GLUE the frames . It will be removed later on so the forward fuselage section can be attached.
Hawker Hunter F.5 WAK 1/33-img_0549.jpgHawker Hunter F.5 WAK 1/33-img_0550.jpgHawker Hunter F.5 WAK 1/33-img_0551.jpgHawker Hunter F.5 WAK 1/33-img_0552.jpgHawker Hunter F.5 WAK 1/33-img_0553.jpgHawker Hunter F.5 WAK 1/33-img_0554.jpg

That was easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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