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Originally Posted by Butelczynski View Post
That was fast.I'll check my email again I guess.

Do you have any more models for sale?
Hi! I have a special technique to do recolors on my model. So it was quick for me.

Yes Sure I do!
  1. Aer Lingus Old
  2. Aer Lingus New
  3. Aeroflot
  4. Air Canada Old
  5. Air Canada New
  6. American Airlines New
  7. Air China
  8. China Eastern Toy Story
  9. China Airlines
  10. Brussels Air Sabena
  11. Brussels Air Belgium red Devils
  12. Brussels Air New
  13. Egypt Air New
  14. Fiji Air
  15. Etihad Old
  16. TAP retro
  17. Thai Airways Retro
  18. Thai Airways Royal Barge
  19. Qatar Airways
  20. Phillipines Airlines
  21. Turkish Airlines

And many more work in progress! You can place order for any livery work you like from the list posted as the first post of this thread!
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