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Saab 35 early stages and development

The Saab 35 was and still a very attractive
Plane. The need for a fast supersonic fighter was started as early as 1950.
Sweden as a neutral country developed and build her military planes by the Saab company. After two successful design - Saab 29 Tunan and Saab 32 both very good planes in compare to simillar era planes.
The Draken used a double delta wing - big part of the wing served as wing for low speeds and outer wing used for speed.
A special small model tested to prove the aerodynamic properties and the build of the prototype started. The first flight was as early 1955 and the plane was the second to break the level sound barrier in Europe atfer the French Super Mystere.
Avon engine with 6.8 ton thrust was used for the production planes that entered service in 1960.
The plane had a mach 1.8 top speed
and a climb rate better than 35000 feet per minute.
Will continue - Yair
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