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Originally Posted by croden View Post
WOW!!! What a beautiful build and design!!
Thank you Chris and Yes the build is very beautiful.

Originally Posted by N96HBK View Post
Beautifully built, you did an absolutely stunning job there!! I love how you used a green background, really suits with the Irish livery.

Biken, I think this is probably the best A330 paper model available. Thank you for sharing your amazing work with us!!
Papermate truly amazed us with his build and presentation. I loved the concept!

Thank you N96HBK, It turned out to be the best, I am happy now!

Originally Posted by Butelczynski View Post
Very nice work papermate and very good design bkensky.I'm glad it looks so good.
Definitely, Papermate nailed it! Thanks Butelczynski, I am glad you liked my design.
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