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Originally Posted by CharlieC View Post
The gun looks a lot like the Russian 180mm S-23 gun. I guess you could base your 170mm design on the S-23.


Yes, the Russian S-23 is quite similar. But I think the more accurate option are WWII German 170mm guns(especially those from the Geschutzwagen Tiger prototype). I've read somewhere that the North Korea had acquired the blueprints of both Russian and German guns from Soviet Union and then they designed Koksan on this basis.

Anyway, before I start anything with the gun, there's plenty of work with the Type 59/T-54 part.

Here's what I did today:
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M-1978 Koksan (scratch project)-img_20191105_174846.jpg   M-1978 Koksan (scratch project)-img_20191105_194117.jpg   M-1978 Koksan (scratch project)-img_20191105_194337.jpg   M-1978 Koksan (scratch project)-img_20191105_194812.jpg  

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