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Originally Posted by Butelczynski View Post
That model so reminds me of my first (successful) Bf-109.It was actualy Avia S-99 like this one.I still have one copy for the future.
I have a plan to build Avia S-199 one day but in Israeli markings.

Ok, here's the finished "Friedrich".
Most of parts fit very well, some are little tricky. It's a nice model, however, I'd only recommend it for intermediate and skilled modelers.
Attached Thumbnails
1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_154401.jpg   1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_154422.jpg   1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_154445.jpg   1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_154506.jpg   1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_154547.jpg  

1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_154650.jpg   1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_154815.jpg   1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_154844.jpg   1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_155002.jpg   1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_155023.jpg  

1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_155038.jpg   1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_155100.jpg   1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_155154.jpg   1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_155305.jpg   1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_155355.jpg  

1/32 Spanish Bf-109F(Friedrich)-img_20191106_155432.jpg  
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