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Hello everybody,

in the meantime I have completed the remaining CT Parts (Parts 4-6) and glued the lateral edge onto the Slant (Part 3.4), that is made from Evergreen Sheet Styrene (0,13 mm), which is very thin but noticeably in contrast.

The upper Disk (Part 6) is the same size as on the other side 2 mm x 0,3 mm, and for the Slant (Part 5) and the Plate (Part 4) I have each used an Evergreen strip (1 mm x 1,5 mm).

For gluing the disc on the slant, it was again fixed centrally between two steel rulers.

So far, so good.

Next, I actually wanted to glue the Slant (Part 3.4) under the Center support (Part 2). But before that I glued the two rings on the bow of the LO2 Feedline, which one can see in this photo.

Source: NASA

For this I wrapped an Evergreen Strip (0,5 mm x 0,5 mm) around a steel rod and held it under the Hot air gun, then I've cut out two short segments, which were glued between the two Feedline Brackets, wherewith these details get done now too.

Then the slant was glued under the Center support, which extends to the LH2 Cable Tray under the Crossbeam. And that was also the expected delicate matter both for my eagle eyes (+ Headset magnifying glass), as well as for my quiet hand to place this part with the tweezers exactly as possible straightaway, what fortunately worked quite well.

After that I immediately tried on the bow and checked its position in the contact zone under the center support and to the slant, and corrected its position still minimally.

At the rear end of the slant now this CT-bow must be glued, as well as on it the remaining CT-Parts (Parts 4-6), which hopefully still fit in between.

Following that, I will then bend the end piece of the GO2 Press. Line also from a Nickel-silver rod ( 0,4 mm), which goes from the last Ice Frost Ramp up to the Umbilical plate, but for the time will being not glued. The remaining GO2 Press. Line forwards up to the LO2 Tank will then later be installed as a separate line.

Source: NASA
That's it for today, dear folks, and thanks for watching.

Greetings from Germany
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