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It was revealed a few years back that the famous rolling Reliant Robin (on Top Gear)
was "tampered with, so it would roll whenever Jeremy turned the steering wheel".

Clarkson claimed that he asked the techs at Top Gear to mess with the engine and differential
to make it roll.
He goes on to state that "a normal Robin will not roll unless a Rugby team tips it over!"

To be honest, I'm not sure what you could do to the engine to make it more susceptible to just doesn't make sense.
(Had they said something like "we added weight to the front wings", or lightened the car, I might have believed it.)

Sounds more like they were avoiding a lawsuit by claiming to have tampered with it
and adding the "a normal Robin wouldn't roll" comment.

Three wheelers (in England) have always been known to be unstable.

Anyway...your miniature miniature Robin rolls quite nicely!
Good show.
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