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Originally Posted by airdave View Post
My current Brother printer is the best desktop printer I have owned so far...print quality and maintenance.
I've owned many HP printers, and an Epson all-in-one, and this Brother.

It costs me roughly a $1 per Ink uses four cartridges.
I print only on the highest quality settings and I'm not frugal with my printing.
..and I still get a never ending print supply from each cartridge it seems!
I'm actually worried about the age of some of my unused Ink stock.

The printer cost $50 originally from Staples and I will be replacing it with another Brother printer when it comes time.
There are regular sales and discounts on the Brother website, so I will be shopping there first.
I second Dave on the Brother printer. I bought a home office "professional" grade Inkjet printer (MFC-J6510DW) way back in 2013, it is still going strong. Inks are cheap, quality is decent and I've never had an issue with it.

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