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I've found the accuracy and tiny details achievable with my 3D printer quite impressive so I'd like to see how it goes as a laser cutter, it's simply a matter of attaching the laser head to the extruder head of the 3D printer and I can pick one up for around $100. The only other requirements are a bit of wiring and maybe some software which might be free, depending which one I decide to use.
And whilst I can't be of any use with that I'd welcome hearing how you go with it eventually.

I didn't buy the scan n cut just for models and haven't really played around with it enough to know if it's going to be good enough to cut out formers etc from thicker card like 1mm, initial tests suggest maybe not.
You know in my experience formers, and some other things, don't seem to mind being laminated from two (or more) thicknesses of absolutely identically cut pieces.
(but curving things after laminatiom runs into problems)
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