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Me-262b1/u1 1/100 by S&P

The next project this year is Bruno's Me262b. This was one of the earlier versions but thanks to our friend Brent, he provided the inspiration and a couple redesigned parts to make this happen. He provided the landing gear from his repaint and a redesigned canopy I tweaked to fit the B model, thanks Brent.
The 262 was Germany's first operational jet fighter. later in the series the 2 seater was converted to a radar equipped night fighter. the radar was added complete with reindeer games antennae, a back seater and because of the space the back seater took up the aircraft needed to use external fuel tanks.
Here are the parts layed out, the aircraft was recolored to model red 12 something I found on our plastic cousin's website.
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Me-262b1/u1 1/100  by S&P-parts-1.jpg   Me-262b1/u1 1/100  by S&P-parts-2.jpg   Me-262b1/u1 1/100  by S&P-parts-3.jpg  
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