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Mechanical Movements

507 Mechanical Movements by Henry T. Brown is a great reference for automata designers or anyone who wants to make a complex appearing paper, foam core, or wooden desktop fiddle-widgets.
See the mechanisms in motion;
507 Mechanical Movements
Download a copy:

The 1868 book is out of copyright. It has been reprinted many times so it is easy to find a hardcopy through a used book store, iin case you want one for your bookshelf.

Paper model automata that use some of the mechanisms in the book can be downloaded from this site:
Mr. Civitarese has added several models to his web site since my last visit, including a ship model, 3D realizations of Leonardo da Vinci designs, and a moon map. There is a huge amount of interesting material on this site, look for the small light "Older posts" at the extreme bottom left of the first web page.
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