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So here is the wing update. I have scribed (if that is how it's called) the panel lines (which are not yet visible) for which I took my Revell model as a reference. I then cut out two shapes for panels that are submerged. I know they are deeper, but I don't want to complicate things too much for the first model. Then I strengthened the wing with four vertical stripes of the same paper to support it (forgot to take a picture, will show later on). I think that will be sufficient, it feels firm in the hand. I have to do 3 more of them, will update when I do.

Now to the replies to your comments:

Thanks, I will need it! I was also thinking about spray can, but I don't want to buy the whole can just for 1 or 2 stripes for red color in this case. But, I could actually do a base color on top of a primer with a spray can. Will think about it.

The lacquer is an interesting idea. Do you spray it on? Thanks for your thread, will look into it! I also used the smaller image and I think the images should load faster for all of us now!

I'm not experienced enough to answer that for you, man. Maybe someone else here can?

Hey man, thanks for stopping by. I took your advice and strengthened the wings! Yes, I was thinking about having it on a stand (if the model will be presentable enough) so I will have to think about reinforcing the bottom of the model where the part of the stand would go in.
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