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another approach

New here, and not too swift. Posted this on this elsewhere in error.
I have developed a simple paper and foil lamination that may be of interest to those trying to build more substantial paper models. The methods I use will produce three dimensional artwork as durable and long lasting as acrylic paintings, using similar materials and ingredients. I use acid free mat board, Daler cover paper, Weldbond adhesive and Golden or Liquitex acrylic paints. The inkjet printing for the lettering is covered in clear acrylic varnish and Mylar is the window material as it will not yellow with age. The Weldbond mixes perfectly with the acrylics for making filler, and dries water clear on its own. The foil laminate is very strong and guarantees the integrity of the paper, making it proof against warping. Compatibility of all finishes, adhesives, inks and acid free papers ensures no adverse chemical interaction.
The scratch built harbour ferries pictured took about sixty hours each to build and a total of sixteen were done on commission, selling at a price comparable to artwork of similar size and quality. My workshop was in the head ( toilet ) of a twenty eight foot sailboat my wife and I lived aboard at the time and the only parts not built in that tiny shop were the clear acrylic dust covers. I am new to this forum, and will know from the response I get if it is the right one for this kind of thing, but I believe it is. Anyone can do this, and the methods and materials apply to all static display paper models, pre printed or scratch built.
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