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It would be great display . For a while I toyed with the idea of making the WHOLE DeathStar attacking squadron of x-wings: RED 1-6 and 12 but I dropped it down for a few reasons:

1. life

2. RED 2 is the most different from the others, Others are quite simmilar to each other. So it would take more work than just retexturing - lots of new details to design from scratch.

3. I do not think I can do six more same models that detailed. It would be 24 wings, 24 canons, 48 same engine halves. Does not sound like fun .

4. I think that one model displayed alone has better impact than group of models. At least for me. When I see more models (even completly different models) displayed on one place (like full display case or on convention) I am somehow overwhelmed by it and can not fully embrace them. Do you guys have the same feelings or is it just me?

So I have a dream, that someday other builders will build the rest of the squadron and we will display them all together somewhere . Maybe it is not so impossible:
- Jaffro wants to build 2
- Milleniumfalsehood wants to buil 1 (in 1:24 scale, but he could change his mind )
- 57townsman wants to build 1
- rockhopper wants to build 1 (in 1:24 scale, but he could also change his mind )

Together that is 6 X-wings. That sounds like a plan .

So guys, what do you think?
DONE: X-wing (Imcold model),
WIP: A-wing

Extensions for X-wing
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