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It's a Pity

I never thought this thread would go until page 3 of the Aviation section of this Forum. And this is something worrisome. First and foremost, one may wonder if Bruno is in good health. For my part, I believe that if he is well and that he has not been able to post anything due to his work. It's been a month since he posted anything. I hope you are well and return after this well deserved rest.
My good friend and countryman Wireandpaper sent me this plane as a gift and I started putting it together as a distraction or rest from the "Pequas" (P-47 Thuderbolt) of the Mexican Expeditionary Air Force. Images of the process, on the left are the cowlings and the rudders of the Pequas. Do not know, maybe I encourage to build all the main aircraft of L'a armeé del armistice.
Bkesky beat me out for minutes to return this thread to the front page. Best Regards Bruno!!!
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