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Bumbleebee from Paper Replica

Hi, again me and second Christmas gift. This one is for another friend and his son. This model is Bumblebee because his son likes Transformers and mainly Bubmlebbe. I found this nice model on Paper-replica web side. Model is not so comlicated, but different as models from pepakura, lot of closed small boxes. I finished his body, legs, hands and base. Now is necessary finish all small covered parts. I hope all will be finished before Christmas and small boy will be happy.

Some photos from progess
- body
Bumbleebee from Paper Replica-img_20191208_131529.jpg Bumbleebee from Paper Replica-img_20191208_131614.jpg Bumbleebee from Paper Replica-img_20191208_131641.jpg Bumbleebee from Paper Replica-img_20191208_131700.jpg

- legs + hands
Bumbleebee from Paper Replica-img_20191208_131814.jpg Bumbleebee from Paper Replica-img_20191208_131846.jpg

- base + legs
Bumbleebee from Paper Replica-img_20191208_131748.jpg Bumbleebee from Paper Replica-img_20191208_131948.jpg
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