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Ww2 carriers

The typical ww2 carrier was comprise from a flat deck of couple of inches metal and control Island in the starboard side.
Below were the hangars for aircraft repair and crew and facilities rooms.
The engines were below at the back. For a takeoff the pilot opened full throttle and that was it. For landings there were 6 cables that the pilot need to catch with the Hook where cable 3 was the target.
The planes were tied on the deck and there was a mechnic patent which tilted up the wings to save spcae on the deck to hall more planes. A heavy AA guns against air attacks were everywhere around the deck.
The big advantage of the carrier was the ability to bring Air Power very fast to every where when ever an intervention was needed.
When the early NAVY jets started to emerge after WW2 some of the things had to be changed.

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