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F-9F Panther - Strike 1

The Panther is the first to enter service among the 10. The Grumman company created a very fine aircraft around an american version of the centricfugal RR tay engine. The Performance were medicure but the plane was sturdy and had good handling. As the Korea war started Panthers started to operate with task force 77 near the battle. The Panther was used as a strike fighter carry rockets and bombs
and also dogfighter downing 9 Mig-15s during the war. Only this year a story of a Panther pilot was released to the public - a story how he shootdown 4 Mig -15s in one single mission !!!
The Panther was Phased from service circa 1956 and was replaced by the Cougar which was the follow up type of Grumman.
Despite a 120 km per hour less than the Mig and half a climb rate it proved that the level of the pilot is the ultimate factor in dogfights .
The model is from Ecardsmodels and scale 1:48 while the scheme is of the Drone version .

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