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F-4D Skyray Strike 5 - First NAVY supersonic fighter part 2

Sergio thanks !

The Skyray was saved by the decision to replace the ill J40 with the J57. The engine replacement was the main reason for the delay of getting into service.
Redesign of the body was needed in order to get the larger J57. A new ducts were added to the intakes to control the air flow to the engine . The after burner of the J57 required a change in the aft section - something that required many trials. Also the Skyray wings
were thick - something that made it barely supersonic in level flight. Both the f-100 and
F8U Crusader were much faster because of less drag and much thinner wings.
In one department the Skyray was good - the climb rate was excellent because of the
big wing lift. The Skyray also had a tendency to pitch the nose down when crossing the 0.9 mach back and forth. Some pilots called his handling characteristics ' bizarre" .
Also the radar was not available at the beginning and caused delays of getting it into service.
The Skyray went into service in 1956-1957 . By this time the F8U also entered service and was
500 kph faster with the same engine.
Armament consisted of 4 20 mm guns in the wings and sidewinder missiles that were
carried under the wings .
Next chapters are about service in the Navy and Marines.

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