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F-11F Tiger - Strike 6 blue angels plane

The tiger was the Blue Angels plane from 1957 till 1969 for 12 long years !!!
The Tiger was the first plane that was built acording to the area rule of whitecomb and we can see a fuselage shape of a coke bottle were the body become slim were the wings attached to the body. The plane big drawback was the J65 engine that was not strong eneugh to give it a real supersonic performance and the top speed was mach 1.15 only with a rate of climb of 18 k feet per min. Only 200 were built and they served the NAVY for only 3 years between 1957 till 1960 . The plane had a small wing span and was not requiring heavy maintainance due to systems simplicity and no real radar. After retirement they served as trainers ib the NAVY.
The armament was 4x20 mm guns and up to 4 sidewinders under the wings.
In a different chapter I will relate to the Blue Angels long service !!!
The model is in 1:48 scale from stahlart .

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