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Originally Posted by FRD View Post
I'm already working on the next one, the civilian steamship, "Oneonta"...
Aw man that's going to be a grand model, just like this locomotive.

Wish my health was still good enough to build card models.
But, on the side of pleasant things, this book comes to mind with talk of the Pacific Northwest river navigation, mentions all the Oregon Portage Railroad, the Oregon Pony, and the Oneonta.
Has photo of a horse or mule drawn train on page 9; on page 10 of the locomotive 'or its twin' in a modified configuration looking a lot like a flatbed rail truck; and on page 61 that same photo of Oneonta.
Also in there is a boat with same name as a computer typeface I like, Tahoma.
Lots of interesting boats large and small in book, stylish, utilitarian, sidewheelers and sternwheelers both.
Some trains too.
And on page 96, a photo of the steamboat Klamath being hauled upon a train "... to her new duties on Upper Klamath Lake."

Screw the rivets, I'm building for atmosphere, not detail.
later, F Scott W
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