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Smile My Oddball, Murph's Models, FG/Murph's Collection at 1/100 scale.

In this topic I will concentrate all my future builds of the models designed by Aaron Murphy, many models from Fiddlers Green were designed for example by Aaron, my intention is to include these, the great catalog of Oddball and Murph's Models, as I have more than 150 models assembled by this prolific friend and designer, the focus will be on future assemblies, including any betas, repaints, models from the current catalog and my mods.

The first model is the Heinkel He 70F-1 in the colors of the Luftwaffe in 1938/39 at the end of its operating life as a first-class aircraft in the German air force.

The Heinkel He 70 was a fast passenger and mail plane and developed in Germany in 1933, to equip Lufthansa, as a fast route airplane using the domestic routes of that company until 1937 and making the first connecting leg in Germany for the routes of South America. From 1935 onwards, military versions for light bomber and reconnaissance were developed. Despite having an outstanding performance during the 1930s and having been used during the Spanish Civil War by the Condor Legion, when the Second World War broke out, the He-70 also called "Blitz" was obsolete, having serious design deficiencies (because it was originally conceived as a civil aircraft) the use of an aluminum alloy called Elektron, highly flammable and difficult to extinguish when it caught fire and the absence of self-sealing tanks left this aircraft highly vulnerable. The Luftwaffe retired all versions of the aircraft from the front-line service in 1940. The Heinkel 170 export version for a Royal Hungarian Air Force using a Gnome-Rohne 14K radial engine was still used for a few years in the Russia campaign, but its vulnerabilities it was taken out of service in 1942. It is noteworthy that the famous naval dive bomber Aichi D3A "Val" was developed influenced by several features of the He-70.

In the next post aspects of build...
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