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Airbus A-320 “Aigle Azur” Scale 1 /120 + BigJet.TV

Hi friends,

Another one in my private museum : Airbus A-320 “Aigle Azur” Scale 1 /120

The “funny” anecdote about this model is that, as I work at a very slow pace, the “Aigle Azur” company went bankrupt between the beginning and the completion of my model.

This only is the 2nd civilian plane model I have built. I am more fanatic of military planes in 1:33 scale.

About the models of modern jet planes (i.e Boeing 777, etc.), I have noticed that, if you wish to display them “in flight”, the models do not show the typical curvature of the very flexible new wings. It would be great having the option of this new feature for the “in flight” displays. Likely not an easy challenge for the model designers.

Now, on a slightly different subject, but related to the planes nevertheless, if you want to know why the pilots are well-paid, just watch the videos released by “BigJet.TV” and captured at Heathrow airport during the recent (“Ciara”, early February) storms. The skill of the pilots and the robustness of the planes are very impressive.
I dream of videos showing at the same time the passengers in the planes … !!

Take care
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