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1/50 Kaengsaeng 68

As we have to stay at home because of the COVID-19, there's a lot of time for building paper models and our other interests.
Here's the project I really wanted to do but didn't have enough time for it. It's a Kaengsaeng 68(갱생68), a North Korean version of Soviet GAZ-69A, although with some minor external changes like no side mirrors or longer mudflaps.

My model is mostly from scratch but the starting point was a GAZ-69 by FDS.
Wasn't an easy project but it gave me a lot of fun. And what's more, I've also learnt something new about North Korea and its history.

Kaengsaeng 68 was widely used by the Korean People's Army in 1970s and 1980s. Today it's still in use(and it's probably still produced too!) but it's not as common as 40 years ago.

Scale 1/50
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1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_165100.jpg   1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_165124.jpg   1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_165145.jpg   1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_165336.jpg   1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_165403.jpg  

1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_165510.jpg   1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_165543.jpg   1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_170146.jpg   1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_170330.jpg   1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_170408.jpg  

1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_170425.jpg   1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_170521.jpg   1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_171258.jpg   1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_171602.jpg   1/50 Kaengsaeng 68-img_20200328_172031.jpg  


Long Live 1/100!
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