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First of all, thanks Rick!

Okay today's upload is the main event, the 6 version SWB Ford Transit Mk1 kitbash from the Scooby Doo Bedford CF by Dragos with his permission. This was challenging but fun, hopefully people will like it - as usual searching for reference photos took more time than the graphics work.

The first 4 are based on photos of actual vehicles: a Philippine ambulance and cargo van (real thing was an LWB), and a British cargo and armored van. The last 2 are based on Corgi and Oxford diecast models. This is in my original Ford Transit Mk1 folder along with my original effort which now looks rather sad. I've kept it so people can see how my skills improved.

I've tried something done with the Daihatsu papercraft, optional open doors with graphics of the vehicle interior. From what I've seen Philippine Transits had hinged doors and armored vans wouldn't have doors ajar, but the other 3 have sliding doors that can be variously positioned for added interest.

The 6 versions were chosen to have a good mix of authentic liveries - I didn't intend to do different model years, but the Southdown version complements my previous Leyland Titan PD3 bus upload and needed a post-1970 grille so it got one. I'm thinking of doing some British jam sandwiches including Transits, let me know if there's any interest.
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