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Originally Posted by IsraGizmo View Post
Hello everybody! I came to this site just for this amazing model, and took almost an hour to read the entire topic (I love good stories).

I only want to say "Thanks" to all the wonderfull people who was involved in this amazing project.

I must confess that I downloaded this model from a facebook page, I hope there is not problem with that.

BTW I'm printing rigth now the model as a quarantine project.

I'm glad that you found your way here, and you had a good time reading this thread.

The only authorized distribution of this kit is through this forum. No Facebook page has been allowed to host/distribute it. So no, I'm not OK with that at all.

But it surely is good to know that people are still eager to build this classic kit. Is a massive project.

Just make sure you print only the pages you really need. Do not print the +300 pages!!!!!

I really wish to see your build. Not many people has shown their models of this kit.

And please, as soon as you can, download the kit from here, not from any other pirate site.
(I guess you have to post some more messages before accessing the "download section").


PS: if you need help building this plane, have a look here:
Ford Tri-Motor (Zorn - 1:33) in SCADTA colors
or just ask in case you face any problems.
Rubén Andrés Martínez A.

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