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Lightning vs Phantom more images

The Phantom and Lightning are very close and very remote at ones.
They have two engines with almost the same thrust but in different configuration - in the lightning each Avon engine sit above the other with a shift in location and in the Phantom side by side.
The Phantom fuselage was much better in internal fuel capacity which was the flow of the Lightning that always had short legs in terms of limited range.
The J79 main issue was the heavy black smoke - something that helped to detect it from distance - issue that was resolved in 1973 or after Vietnam were more than 700 lost from all reasons from all branches - USAF NAVY MARINES. The total prduction of the Lighning was 330 only in comparition .
The Phantom saw constant battles in many fronts and mainly in Vietnam and middle east wars
While the Lightning saw very little action against Yemen but no score of shootdown while the Phantom killed hundreds and only 120 by the IAF !!!
Will continue .

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