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Thanks, Sergio.
Ok, Today I finished the P-38! (Except a bit of black that I'll aply to the nose wheel once I finish this post)
My veredict? The original paper model is good, easy to convert from 1:33 to 1:72. I could had made the model just like it came except that I had not a color printer available.
There were small details, like the size of the main landing gear, frontal antena and the propeller blades.
But I'm happy with the result. I included the plastic bombs, corrected the size of all the parts I mentioned up here, and placed all the lettering included in the plastic one.
By the way, the P-38 engines are simetrical: one turns clockwise, another one counterclosckwise. It means three blades are ok, and three blades are wrong and I had to rebuild them, not only in size but in shape too.
I included a "family picture" of the three pairs of models that I have both in plastic and paper.
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My 1/72 Scale Planes, 3rd Part-p-38-2-1-.jpg   My 1/72 Scale Planes, 3rd Part-p-38-2-2-.jpg   My 1/72 Scale Planes, 3rd Part-p-38-2-3-.jpg   My 1/72 Scale Planes, 3rd Part-p-38-2-4-.jpg   My 1/72 Scale Planes, 3rd Part-p-38-2-5-.jpg  

My 1/72 Scale Planes, 3rd Part-p-38-2-6-.jpg   My 1/72 Scale Planes, 3rd Part-p-38-2-7-.jpg  
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