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Hello here again

I just finished making the recolor of the F-15A "Satellite Killer" Eagle with the Serial number 76-0084 and and Edwards AFB tailcode "ED".

“This Eagle with exact markings as well as the "Celestial Eagle" nose art was piloted by Major Doug Pierson, whom successfully manage to destroy the Solwind P78-1 Spy Satellite (nearing the end of its service life) by firing and ASM-135 Anti-Satellite Missile at the Altitude of 38,100 feet on September 13, 1985”

*It really took me little stressful, but very enjoyable time to draw the "ASAT EAGLE SATELLITE KILLER" round insignia that was located on its upper rudder tho hehehe, but I hope that you like it at least
(Photo below taken from wikipedia, Public Domain status as stated on its description)

Here's the template file of it. I hope you like it guys, I tried to make the markings detailed and placed accurately as possible, especially on the "ASAT EAGLE" round insignia on the Rudders or Vertical Stabilizers hehehe, but lemme know if there’s some corrections on the markings and its placement

P.S: All I need now is I hope somoeone would do the 1/300 scale ASM-135 ASAT Missile for this at least hehehehe
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