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'54 Jaguar XK120 1/25

I've always thought this post WWII Jaguar to be one of the most beautiful cars ever designed. It was produced from 1948 to 1954, and with its DOHC straight 6, it was capable of reaching 120mph, hence the name. Originally intended to be a one-off to showcase the advanced engine, the overwhelming positive response to the vehicle was so great that it was put into production with the first of the run arriving in the US in 1949.

This simple model is one of the Moss Motors collection of British sports cars that can be found in the forum's download section. Printed at 100% will produce a 1/25 scale model.

The "stock" kit is pretty plain, but I found this beautiful competition XK120 on the old interwebs, and decided to try to reproduce it as much as possible. This particular car (one of the last ones produced) has quite an interesting racing heritage.

I had to do quite a few Photoshop modifications to the original kit: Convert dash and floor to right hand drive, eliminated the skirts and replaced the steel wheels with wires, added racing number and Coupe des Alpes plaques, detailed the hood with louvers and leather strap, addition of license plates, fog lights, GB on trunk, and tail pipes which exited through the fender sides (I made a mistake here, pipes should only be on the left hand side - I'll fix the file). I did some shading to try to give "roundness" to the slab sided kit, but unfortunately it's barely visible in the photos. It might look better with 3D tires, but it's such a simple model that I'm not sure its worth the effort, so I decided to leave well enough alone.
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'54 Jaguar XK120 1/25-jagxk120f.jpg   '54 Jaguar XK120 1/25-racing-jaguar-xk120.jpg  
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