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Thank you Juan Angel and Carlos
@Juan Angel I plan on making a photo tutorial on how to build my model when I have the time and drive, probably next weekend or some point shortly after. As for my next model, I want to do a lot of su-24 recolors first, but I think my next plane will be the MiG-31

I recently finished building a more detailed fencer after addressing the issues of the previous build. There are still a few minor tweaks I want to make before releasing (namely making that main landing gear chassis a little more accommodating for the wheels), but this is generally what the final model will look like!

1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20201011_143957.jpg1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20201011_144009.jpg1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20201011_144022.jpg1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20201011_052412.jpg

And a family photo of all previous prototypes:

1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20201011_144257.jpg
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