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Originally Posted by Philip View Post
Hello, Wolfram. I've just read your post about the fishing village and it prompted me to trawl my collection for the Parc Guell by La Ciutat de Paper, just to have a look. Turns out it wasn't Parc Guell after all, but the Parc del Laberint d'Horta. Do you know of this one? The model looks very pretty with contured gardens and the like, but is huge in size!
Hello Philip, yes I know the model. At the moment all PAPETI models are being reissued on a small scale. I have a lot of these in my stack. I also have the fishing village here on a normal scale of 1: 250. Is of course much bigger. Now yesterday I started the "Palacio Madrid" model. I'm curious whether everything will go well. Greetings Wolfram
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