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Yes, I have quite a stash. I suspect anybody who has been a member of Papermodelers for more than, say, 48 hours has a stash! In my case, there were over 100 unbuilt kits in the collection I bought, plus the stash I had accumulated before that purchase. They exceed a banker’s box in volume. So it would be impractical to list them all individually.

Now, of the items in the stash, some are not candidates for my next build, due to the fact that I want a less-challenging project this time around. It’s not going to be the behemoth 32-page Modelik T-35A, for example, as cool as that would be otherwise.

Most of my stash kits are from the Polish publishers we all know and love: MM, GPM, Modelik and its predecessor ModelCard, and a smattering of others. The subjects are predominantly WW II, and as noted, most are of German, Polish, or Russian subjects. But there are a few subjects from other combatant nations. I hadn’t really considered a Japanese subject until Pacific Wind mentioned it, but I do have a few in the stash, so that would be a possibility.

My thought was that the final selection will be a surprise to all of us — I don’t know yet what nationality will top the poll, and none of you know what specific kits I have to choose from. It will be from my existing stash, not a new purchase, and there will be something whimsical about it — odd colors, weird suspension, strange configuration, or something like that. The poll runs through Christmas, so there’s plenty of time to vote if you haven’t already!
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