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Been away

Hi folks. just a quick update. I am the guy behind the Morrigan and Truman Expanse models.

I've been away from the site for quite a wee while now, a combination of family matters, returning to work after being furloughed and issues with my ISP not allowing the site to load, denying me access are to blame.

I've gotten the technical stuff sorted but, more or less. Can't say I will be picking up directly where I left off but I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the folks that have asked about me.

I have still been busy while away from the site though.

Designed and built the MCRN Scirroco, Yes the breach pods and the landing craft can be removed individually.
Designed and in the progress of building the Protegen Amun Ra Class Stealth Frigate, easily one of the biggest pain in the a*s ships I have ever had to build in Blender.
Designed Marco Inneros ship The Pella, second I saw it in the new series I knew this was a model I had to build, it is one damn fine looking ship, better than the Roci maybe??

Also started a Youtube channel, nothing too involved just a place to stick my Blender models

Expanse Models - YouTube

Over the next few days I plan to review threads that are related to the my models and try and update with what I plan to do next.

Also very very sad to hear that we will never see the Laconian Navy in the TV was a real hammer blow finding out it was only going to cover to the end of book 6 / Season 6.
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