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Juan Angel,
My main motivation to starting a new design is my own mood, but i do like knowing my next model will be built by other people! If i get the inspiration, i will start the mig-31 next (but no promises yet). As for the backfire, i started designing one a while ago but didn't get too far--maybe i will try again one day...

I managed to build the basics of the new MK fencer to test the camo and it aligned pretty well! I will probably tweak a few things before i make the actual serialized airframes (and eventually move on to foreign camo fencers) but i honestly impressed myself with how well it came together
1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20210111_024709.jpg1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20210111_024741.jpg1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20210111_024757.jpg1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20210111_024626.jpg
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