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Smithsonian - Open Access - Bell X-1

I think this is a source of good reference on the Bell X-1, Glamourous Glennis, flown by Chuck Yeager.

Start on this web page:
Smithsonian Open Access | Smithsonian Institution

Scroll down to "Search for Open Access Media".
Type "Bell X-1" and click the magnifying glass icon.

586 results for Bell X-1

In the Top Results, Collection Image (176) and 3D Models (2), exist.
I clicked the "3D Models" link. Then I clicked on the Bell X-1 image.

This is the Bell X-1 web page:
Bell X-1 | Smithsonian Institution

The web page lets you manipulate the 3D model in the browser.
The web page has an "Object Details" on the right.
Below the displayed 3D model, there is a download icon to download the model.
Below the 3D model, there is a collection of images of the X-1.

The first image is the front of the X-1. You may download the image.
The highest resolution JPEG is 8372x5425.

There are a photos of the cockpit interior.
The image of the control yoke and instrument panel is 7348x4194.

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