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BT recolor edits

Thanks Rick!

Did some clean up of the last batch of uploads. According to Macross and Dougram original sources the designed dimensions of 3 mechs puts them at 1:45 so I changed the resizing data. For scaling the FASA-original mechs I used Blaar's reference table with heights from the Mech Commander 2 game, but the Atlas is still an outlier.

I have more recolors to upload, pending permission from Tirick and Blaar. Some of these have noticeably lower graphic skin resolutions, so I downgraded the original 4 for visual compatibility. This also resulted in fewer pages and smaller sizes of the replacement files. No need to download the replacement files if higher resolution is preferred.

Also added is 'duel pack' identification for some mechs, where the storyline has them present in the same skirmish but not necessarily facing off.

This first batch covers the faction leaders, next will be the generals then the regular soldiers.
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