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Shuttle Endeavour 1/96 stack

Finally, a little more than two years after starting, I have finished this build. Seriously, I don't really know why it took me so long but I had lots of hiatuses and other builds during this project.
This build is an amalgamate of three different designers. The shuttle is originally the Fortezza Mars Center- designed version but with a photoreallsitic new skin made by someone with the name Arvydas. The build of this shuttle is the same as the original Fortezza shuttle. First time building this model for me, and I especially liked the way the complex nose section had to be shaped and formed.

The ET is based on the design by Bill Spencer but all the detailing was scratchbuilt by me. I used thick sturdy brown card (280 gpm2) which I sanded after construction to get the more fuzzy appearance of the foam insulation. The intertank was made from finely ribbed carton. The only non-paper parts here were the thin cable runs over the ET. they were made from floral wire.

The SRB's are of course from Alfonso X. Moreno, but also here, the detailing is mine. Paper type mainly semigloss photo paper, but lots of other types too. The engine bells have an eleven-pointd star exhaust opening and the reinforcement disks inside have a 5mm hole in the middle for a later to build pedestal with two cut to length knitting needles to prevent the stack from toppling.

I'll just post some pics of the finished item for now, if there is a demand for a build report, let me know! I'll happily comply (-:

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!
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