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Originally Posted by asettico View Post
Ok, these are some more explanations.

I use Firefox 83 on Linux Mint 20 (by the way, while taking the screenshots, the forum has logged me out, it seems that there is a timeout for inactivity that I never experienced since a couple of days ago).
  • In the first picture you can see the first page of a long thread; the highlighted areas are:
  1. current page URL
  2. hint showed by hovering the cursor over the number "2"
  3. URL of the page 2 as pointed by the link of "go to page 2"
As you can see, URL in area 1 and 3 are the same, this is the error.
  • In the second picture you can see the "Go to page" popup.
  • In the third picture you can see that after entering 2 and click on "Go" or hit return, you reach the right page. The URL in the address bar now is correct and the page number highlighted is 2.
P.S.: I'm afraid I hijacked the thread...
I have understood why I was getting problems with thread browsing arrows near the top right corner of each thread page: it seems that there is a bug in the forum when the Display Mode is different than Linear. Otherwise, all the links behave correctly.
So, please, ignore my previous post... or update vBulletin to a newer version!
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